Top Weekend Escapades for this Holi and Easter

Tired of your hectic schedules  and need a break , escape  and treat yourself  this season of colorful festivities.It’s time to plan your long  Holi and Easter weekend  ahead which is fast approaching. Make the best of these holidays and explore the places below.




Getaways from Pune and Mumbai




Dandeli the adventure hub of karnataka on the banks of the river kali is an ideal vacation for all the nature and adventure enthusiasts.Indulge yourself in the various adventure activities like white water rafting,Rappelling,kayaking and bird watching.

Distance from  Pune-233Km


You want enjoy a funfilled vibe and enjoy the best of coastal India and Goa is the place exclusively made for you.Explore the various beaches  around and pamper yourself in the thrill of sunshine and luxury.

Distance from  Pune-473Km

Mount Abu

Mount abu the only hillstation in Rajasthan is a home for many tourist attractions with mix of architectural and historical places.The prominent ones are the Dilwara temple a jain temple complex and guru shikar point.

Distance from  Mumbai-751Km


A small hillstation about 120 kms from pune a place with its own charm and beauty with its various view points.The main feature of matheran is the no vehicle zone making this hillstation a pollution free zone.

Distance from  Pune-121Km


The name panchgani signifies five hills thus making a very scenic and spectacular spot with picturesque locations located in the state of Maharashtra.Sydney point,Parsi point,kamalgadh fort and mapro gardens are the major sight seeing options.

Distance from  Pune-102Km


Located on the Mahrashtra and Gujarat border is Saputara home to numerous attractions like national parks,museum,Sunrise and sunset points making it a ideal hill resort destination.

Distance from  Mumbai-248Km


Take a look back into  the history and lets rewind Panhala lies on the  sahyadri mountain ranges about 22kms from Kholapur known for its ancient monuments and forts.This beautiful hillstation  enjoys a pleasurable climate all throughout the year.

Distance from  Pune-240Km

Daman and Diu

A former protuguese enclave  and a paradise for the travellers in search of peace and serenity.This union territory has its own charm with its fine forts and churches ,a portuguese touch of history and temperate climate makes it favourable for people to visit throughout the year.

Distance from  Mumbai-180Km


Getaways from Bangalore



image courtesy –theshootingstar


Coorg nestled in the lap of western ghats with the dense forests,valleys perfumed with intoxicating aroma of coffee and spice and a trekkers delight.Also referred as the little Scotland of India.There are lot of places to be explored in and around coorg some of the must see places Raja seat,Abbey falls,Tala Kaveri,trek to Tadiandamoland  Tibetian colony.A popular weekend gateway which gives you a laid back experience and very relaxing feel.

Distance from Bangalore-251Km


Looking for a beach holiday then head to Gokarna to get a chilled out and blissful experience .It’s also an popular pilgrimage destinations.Explore the pristine beaches around kudle beach,Om beach,paradise beach and the famous religious site The Mahabaleshwara temple.

Distance from Bangalore-485Km


Munnar a paradise for all the nature lovers situated at the confluence of three mountain streams an elite hillstation in south India.Covered with the tea gardens,a typical post-card town and the narrow lanes and best tourist accomodations makes you fall in love with this place.Take a stroll in the tea estates,admire the cascading waterfalls ,visit the view points and capture panoramic views.

Distance from Bangalore-328Km


Located on the eastern part of Nilgiris is a small town with salubrious climate is Coonor.Its one of the most preferred getaway from Bangalore.Coonor is the second largest hillstation in Nilgiris.Give a try to adventure sports and visit the local sight seeing attractions like Dolphin’ s nose,Lamb’s rock and hidden valley.

Distance from Bangalore-288Km


Having a sobriquet of poor man’s ooty Yercaud is yet another enchanting destination nestled admist lush green plots,hills and breath taking scenic beauty.Some of the best places to visit  yercaud lake,hair pin bends and pagoda point.

Distance from Bangalore-222Km


The princess of hill stations Kodaikanal is every nature lovers dream destinations with its soothing weather,thrilling landscapes makes it  a special place.Take a breath taking view of natures beauty in coakers walk,take a splash in silver cascade or the liril falls and treat yourself with the various varities of home made chocolates and aromatic spices.

Distance from Bangalore-462Km


The Blue mountains commonly known as Ooty is alluring the tourists for its hills and valleys,mesmerizes you with the ever green gardens and exotic flora and fauna.Check out the doddabetta peak,botanical garden and ooty lake.

Distance from Bangalore-276Km


Getaways from Chennai




A French town which with an amalgamation of modern heritage and spiritual culture is  one of the best destinations in South India.An ideal weekend gateaway from chennai and bangalore.

Distance from Chennai-173Km


Getaways from Delhi




image courtesy- euttaranchal


Looking for a skiing destination and Auli is exclusively made for you.Situated  in chamoli district of uttarakhand.Take part in the skiing festival in the snow white slopes and make it a memorable experience of life time.

Distance from  Delhi-388Km



Shimla the summer capital of India blessed is with the snow capped mountain peaks and wonders of natural bounties making it different from the other hill stations .It leaves you with a sense of nostalgia with the charms of the Himalayan country side.

Distance from  Delhi-350.9Km


Manali one of the most incredible hillstations in India  reflects the true colours of the nature.It never fails to amaze you with its thrilling and enticing adventure activities.

Distance from  Delhi-538Km



The city which offers a delightful extravaganza of forts and palaces in their splendid grandeur  is Jaipur.Known as the pink city and capital of Rajasthan is a popular destination  for its cultural and heritage attraction.

Distance from  Delhi-268Km


The lake resort of India Nanital nestles admist seven hills in a lush green valley is a famous holiday resort.The majestic towering peaks and the surroundings  acts like a addons to the town.

Distance from  Delhi-285Km


The UNESCO world heritage site located in the north eastern part of Madhya Pradesh is known for its timeless and artistic temples dedicated to shiva,Vishnu and jain deities and sexually explicit carvings.

Distance from  Delhi-637Km


Wander in the dense woody forests and get lost in time at Kasoli ,located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.An abode to the endangered  species of himalyan fauna.Come and experience the misty wonder in kasoli.

Distance from  Delhi-293Km

To all the travel bugs out here take a break  from the hustle and bustle of city life its time to relax and rejuvenate.Savour the sensational views and explore the unexplored terrains this holiday season.So lets go out for  this Holi.

Happy Holidays and Happy Travelling!



Hello Lovelies, Today is International women’s day,  so it’s time to celebrate womanhood and independence.

Travelling solo seems scary, but the world is not as scary as people think with general awareness, being street smart and positive attitude one can totally feel safe and secure on your own. Are you a solo globetrotter? And want to experience self growth and discovery here are few exotic and safe destinations which should be in your bucket list.



Copenhagen is one of the Europe’s oldest and most popular metropolitan cities in Denmark, Home to a great number of restaurants; modern architecture gives you a distinctly European feel. A friendly street life makes you to get back time and again making it apt for women and a very popular place to be.


image source-kevinandamanda


Puducherry formerly known as Pondicherry located on the eastern coast of India has a touch of colonial elegance. This union territory is one of the choicest holiday destinations in south India. This French town is known for its palm grooved beaches, beach resorts, the typical French boulevard and the international city of Auroville.An ideal place for all the shopaholics, foodies and solo women travellers.


image source- mouthshut


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, Ontario State. A multicultural city with the mix of French and English. The city is blessed with abundance of attractions that delight your visits no matter the time of the year. The iconic parliament buildings, marvel at the architectural wonders national museums, galleries and soak in the natural beauty of Ottawa.



Regarded as one of the peaceful and safe destinations in India is Sikkim. A haven for all the adventure and nature enthusiasts. This part of India is blessed with its jaw dropping pristine beauty. A rich culture of hospitality and peace loving people makes this place ideally suited for solo women travellers.


image Source- traveltheworld


Singapore an island city-state off southern Malaysia. A cultural melting pot, a blend of old and new architecture and a garden city makes it has a fascinating and budget friendly holiday destination. With its world class public transportation system that connects the entire country and lowest crime rates makes it as the safest spot for women traveller’s in the Asia pacific.



The Himalayan train whistling and making its way through the mountains, thick lush green tea plantations on the slopes and wild varieties of orchids, respectful and ever willing to help people makes Darjeeling one of the prominent attractions in West Bengal. The Himalayan zoological park and the peace pagoda are the must visit places.


Image source- northbengaltourism

Costa Rica

Costa Rica a Central American country bestowed with a rich biodiversity, beaches, majestic volcanoes, tropical rain forests and river valleys. The history of peaceful and family oriented culture makes it as the happiest place and a pretty secure place to explore.



If you are women with a taste of Indian culture and history Mysore is the place known as the city of palaces and cultural hub of Karnataka. This city is being marked as the risk-free place in the state for women travellers. There are many places of interest in and around the city.


My final thoughts do a lot of research about the place, be cautious of the surroundings and by taking proper precautions you will have fun and be safe almost everywhere.

So stop thinking and start exploring solo.

By Divya R.C

Reasons you should travel in 20s and 30s.

If you want to experience more joy in life is to travel more. You live in a lively city and have an exciting job, nothing can replace the experience travelling offers. Here are few reasons why you should travel in your 20’s and 30’s.


There’s no guarantee about life, so enjoy the experiences now.

Lot of us are in a dilemma as to what’s the exact age for travelling my fellow globe trotters age just flies when one is busy building family, career and relationships. Travel young and later you have no regrets.

Travel pushes your educational vista

We would have come across many architectural places of interest around the world in our history text books. When you visit them you will be able to relate and they no longer remain a picture. They become a part of your tangible memories.


Avail discounted rates and free admits

A lot of tourist attractions offers discounted rates and free admissions to students and young folks. Make best use of these privileges when young.


It changes your outlook

Travelling to a new place gives exposure to new stuffs and it enhances and enriches your knowledge. It teaches you to come of out of your comfort zone.

No Commitments in Youth

You have full control over your money when you are single and their will be fewer responsibilities. More freedom means more travel.

You develop the skill of managing your money

Travel young because it teaches you to be conscious about your budget. You become a pro when handling finances.

Travel young because you are in good health

It’s sad that you can’t enjoy the thrills and excitement of travelling when you are old because our body has certain limitations and in this fast paced life we are prone to many kinds of sickness in later part of your life. Travel while you are healthy and your insurance premium is low. So take the plunge and start travelling right away.

It boosts your confidence

Travelling plays a prominent role in many ways, it leads to a rewarding career, you develop good negotiating and problem solving skills, you pick up new foreign languages in one word it helps in all around development.

You learn to be more independent and responsible

One of the best ways to learn to be independent is through travelling. You become more organized, when travelling independently you are responsible for your passport, money and plane tickets-it acts like a crash course for your future.

Making friends is easy

Better to travel while young, your friends are likely to join you on your trips. Making friends with your fellow travelers is easy. You get to meet people across different walks of life and you’ll grow culturally.’


So all the young folks out here travel travel  travel make your decisions right away and get the spark of wanderlust in you, because it’s never too late to start !


By Divya R.C .

For escapar holidays

International Festivals One Should Not Miss !

Festivals confirm bond of togetherness, brotherhood, buffs rejoice, have ability to spice up the portion of culture peppered with individual spirituality and customs. Whereas celebration is the backbone of all the festivals that acknowledged worldwide. It brings new hope and joy to the people that succour in building new relations. Universally there are known festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and show, folks gather and exotically participate from all corners of the sphere. After having glimpse of the few you couldn’t resist yourselves from getting soaked in the festivities, so don’t wait and lets move to any of these countries and enjoy the blast.

La Tomatina (Spain)

Held in the Valencian town of Bunol. It’s an hour jollification where approx 20,000 lucky people hurtle fruit to each other. It’s a pure “World’s biggest food fight” that held in last week of Aug.

People immersed in tomato juice during the Tomatina in 2005

Image source- mirror 

Rio De Janeiro Carnival (Brazil)

To smash down your humdrum you can adore the bustling streets of Brazil to admire the spellbind giant Samba and Sambodromo parades in the 5 days long overdose in the month of Feb.


image source- rsvlts

Pingxi Lantern Festival (Taiwan)

 imagine a surreal sky aflame with thousands of floating lanterns that would definite create a jaw dropping captivating spectacle in the sky in the month of Feb. these lanterns are embellished with images and best wishes.

02 FEB 2013 - ONE FC (Kuala Lumpur) : Return of Warriors

image source- emlii

St. Patrick’s day Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

 Ireland is not just known for its flower laden charming houses and meadows pasture but one of the fest that gets celebrated commemorating honorable Saint Patrick (as death anniversary). What would be an absolute delight when you drape yourself in green and be  a chunk of splendid global celebration  of Irish culture.


image source- rte

Koninginnedag (Queen’s birthday) (Netherlands)

 It’s a national holiday on the occasion of Queen B’day in the month of April. A matter of treat in the way of floral parade and orange madness. What’s more required?


image source-readysettreck

White Nights Festival/Scarlet Sails (St.Petersburg, Russia)

 Every year in the end of June a variation includes classical ballet, spectacular fireworks, concerts, opera, music events, mock battles among pirates in boats and performances of Russia and International actors.


image source- skyscrapercity

Obon Festival (Japan, Aug)

 A Buddhist ceremony solemnize by releasing floating lanterns into water to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.


image source-theworldfestival

Oktoberfest (Munich-Bavaria, Germany) (Sept)

 Ample of beer splashes, brewery carriages, 5.9 million guests, beer tents are few of the enthralling fragments of the World’s Biggest Fair. So enjoy and guzzle as much as you can.


image source-nightlife-cityguide

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (New Mexico-Early Oct.)

Capture the picturesque vistas of the sky congested with hundreds of vibrant fascinating hot air balloon when soothingly float to captivate you.


image source-

Keene Pumpkin Festival (New Hampshire-Oct.)

 Also named as “Let it shine, Pumpkin Fest.”Creepy, haunted, illuminated carved pumpkins are the basic allurement of it.


image source- londonderrynh

Snow and Ice Fest (Harbin, China) (Jan5-Feb5)

 Relish dog sledging, skiing, explore history of China and lost in the wonderland of carved palatial towers made from gigantic block of ice.


image sourec-chinadaily

Carnevale (Venice, Italy) (Feb14-Mar14)

 on the romantic honeymooners land, how can you deny to be the part of grand carnival that showcases melodramatic parade, gala dinners, events, arresting costumes and artistic masks.


image source-


Though this is not the end of exhilarating journey of festivals, there are colossal others like Running of the Bulls (Pamplona, Spain); Wanderlust Yoga Fest. (Oahu, Hawaii); Up Helly Aa Fire Festival (Lerwick, Scotland) and many more where  anybody can float with flow. So pick up your feet and dazzle with the mesmerized experience at least once in your lifetime.


By Priyanka Singh

For escapar holidays


Your 20’s are your prime years. You’ve got minimal responsibilities; no mortgage, no kids AND the world is practically your oyster. It’s about making every moment count and livin’ life with #NOREGRETS. After all… you’re only young once! Here are the best places in the world to party in and visit in your 20’s (in no particular order):


Ibiza isn’t JUST Ibiza, it’s the party capital of the WORLD! Not only are its beaches spectacularly beautiful but some of the world’s most famous clubs and parties happen right here on the white isle. World class DJ’s like Chase and Status, Carl Cox and Pete Tong play regularly in the peak season between May – October, with hundreds of thousands around the world flocking to clubs like Amnesia, Space or Ushuaia to experience the mind-blowing nightlife.



Courtesy ibiza-spotlight


Lagos is a beachy town in Portugal, and inevitably also the life of Portugal. It’s got a reputation for being out-of-control in summer, and is also beautiful with its incredible rocky cliffs and boat parties that never seem to end. The hardest part about Portugal? Is actually trying to leave


Courtesy- goodtimeslagos


Budapest is a traveller’s favourite in Eastern Europe. Why exactly? It’s cheap, fun and sometimes you get to ‘SPARTY’ which is basically ‘clubbing’ in thermal baths with well-known DJ’s and electrifying LED light shows. The famous ruin bars are also pretty epic.


There’s nothing in the world quite like Berlin. This funky city will never leave you bored with its creative scene and incredible street art, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the fun you can have after dark. You’ve got world class nightclubs and the COOLEST bars in town. Anything goes in Berlin.




Bali = paradise, pretty much the gateway to heaven. Hit up Potato Head Beach club during the day, La Plancha for sunset, and then finish it off with a night out at Motel Mexicola. All three hot-spots are located in Seminyak.

Once you’ve explored Bali, head over to the Gili Islands and stay on Gili Trawangan, quite possibly the best island in the Gili’s with it’s crystal clear waters perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. Did we mention that there are NO CARS, OR SCOOTERS on this island? The only way to get around is by foot, bicycles or on a horse carriage! Soak up that island atmosphere yo.


source –thebalibible


Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam nestled up North. Party like a local in the Old Quarter by visiting Bia corner, where it’s perfectly normal to sit on tiny plastic chairs on the street, whilst ordering cold and fresh beers – for 25 cents a go.

After a few hours on Bia corner, it’s time to check out the nightlife; Hair of the dog, Temple bar, or the Sofitel rooftop if you’re feeling fancy.

Once the city buzz surpasses, visit the infamous Halong Bay in northeast Vietnam, known for its emerald green waters and limestone islands. Jump on a Chinese junk boat, stay overnight, kayak or simply soak in the majestic sunset.


Why Chiang Mai? Well, there’s Songkran for Thai New Year where thousands of people from all over the world buy buckets, water pistols, and anything else that holds water and basically THROW EM’ AT EACH OTHER with the intention of drenching the recipient from head to toe.

Then you’ve got the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in November, where 10,000 lanterns are released into the sky. It’s a true festive celebration in Thailand during these times, and the atmosphere is electric.

Although the Thai islands is a notorious hotspot for people in their 20’s, Chiang Mai is a great way to go off the beaten path in Thailand, while still being part of that essential party vibe.


Siem Reap is Asia’s worst kept secret. Take a walk on the wild side by hitting up ‘Pub street’. By day, it’s a quiet strip of restaurants and day bars, but come night fall the party heats up as bars come alive with music, drinking, dancing and the occasional street dance-off,

Down the road, hit up X-bar which has a legit skate ramp inside!


New Orleans is so underrated and completely fascinating. Influenced by Europe, the Caribbean and Africa, its culture is pretty damn dynamo. The Big Easy, also another nickname for New Orleans, is perfect for all-night bars, delicious food, music, culture and of course – it’s most festive festival of all, the Mardi Gras.

With New Orleans being the birthplace for jazz, visit a jazz club and get your party fix on Bourbon street –  it’s overflowing with restaurants, clubs and rich history.


Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand, if not the world. It’s a tiny city in the South Island, but it packs a punch with its nightlife whether you’re there in summer or winter. During the cooler months, snow lovers across the globe flock to Q-town, to party, ski, snowboard, wine and dine.

Start off at Atlas, for Queenstown’s finest selection of craft beer and then head to Searle lane, which is a hotspot for young travellers.


Brazillians are well known for their partying ways, but especially in RIO. If you get the chance to visit THE BIGGEST CARNIVAL FESTIVAL in the world, TAKE IT! Over two million people travel to Rio during Carnivale and come dressed in extravagant costumes (with very little clothing). The buzz is electric, with massive floats, colourful themes, music and plenty of dancing along the street to make it a mind blowing experience for many.

Revellers attend to XXXXXXXX Samba School parade during Rio de Janeiro's carnival on Marques de Sapucai Sambodromo.

source- arounddeglobe

SOURCE – Contiki


Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara has inspired many of us to go on a road trip. The ingredients for a perfect international road trip will be a map, a bunch of crazy  friends, good music collection and our very own Indian Driving licence. Here is a list few countries where you can drive with Indian Driving Licence . all other things you need for perfect road trip



The Rule  –

The licence must be in English language. Plus you will need a I-94 form along with you. You can drive in USA for a year.

Here you drive on right side of the road.


nullabor-road-1544301The Rule  –In Australia, you can drive New south wales, Queensland, Australian Capital territory, Northern Territory. You can drive for three months with Indian Driving licence.

Here you drive on left side of the road just like India.

New Zealand –

new-zealand road-558937_960_720

The Rule  –

Your licence must  be in English. If not you need to translate it through approved translators. Also you need to be at least 21 years old to be able to drive in NZ.

Here you drive on left side of the road.

Great Britain

scotland landscape-540122_960_720

The Rule – 

You can drive only the vehicles you can drive in India with your licence. Here you are allowed to drive upto one year.

Here you drive on left side of the road.


germany-107521The Rule  –

Your licence must no be in English but its better to have a translated copy with you. You are allowed to drive here upto six months.

Here you drive on right hand side.


corisca Calanches-de-Piana-drive

The Rule  –

Your licence should be in English or else a translated copy in french will do. You are allowed to drive here upto one year.

Here you drive on right hand side.



The Rule –

Your licence should be in English or else a translated in English. You are allowed to drive here upto one year.

Here you drive on right hand side.