Reasons you should travel in 20s and 30s.

If you want to experience more joy in life is to travel more. You live in a lively city and have an exciting job, nothing can replace the experience travelling offers. Here are few reasons why you should travel in your 20’s and 30’s.


There’s no guarantee about life, so enjoy the experiences now.

Lot of us are in a dilemma as to what’s the exact age for travelling my fellow globe trotters age just flies when one is busy building family, career and relationships. Travel young and later you have no regrets.

Travel pushes your educational vista

We would have come across many architectural places of interest around the world in our history text books. When you visit them you will be able to relate and they no longer remain a picture. They become a part of your tangible memories.


Avail discounted rates and free admits

A lot of tourist attractions offers discounted rates and free admissions to students and young folks. Make best use of these privileges when young.


It changes your outlook

Travelling to a new place gives exposure to new stuffs and it enhances and enriches your knowledge. It teaches you to come of out of your comfort zone.

No Commitments in Youth

You have full control over your money when you are single and their will be fewer responsibilities. More freedom means more travel.

You develop the skill of managing your money

Travel young because it teaches you to be conscious about your budget. You become a pro when handling finances.

Travel young because you are in good health

It’s sad that you can’t enjoy the thrills and excitement of travelling when you are old because our body has certain limitations and in this fast paced life we are prone to many kinds of sickness in later part of your life. Travel while you are healthy and your insurance premium is low. So take the plunge and start travelling right away.

It boosts your confidence

Travelling plays a prominent role in many ways, it leads to a rewarding career, you develop good negotiating and problem solving skills, you pick up new foreign languages in one word it helps in all around development.

You learn to be more independent and responsible

One of the best ways to learn to be independent is through travelling. You become more organized, when travelling independently you are responsible for your passport, money and plane tickets-it acts like a crash course for your future.

Making friends is easy

Better to travel while young, your friends are likely to join you on your trips. Making friends with your fellow travelers is easy. You get to meet people across different walks of life and you’ll grow culturally.’


So all the young folks out here travel travel  travel make your decisions right away and get the spark of wanderlust in you, because it’s never too late to start !


By Divya R.C .

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