International Festivals One Should Not Miss !

Festivals confirm bond of togetherness, brotherhood, buffs rejoice, have ability to spice up the portion of culture peppered with individual spirituality and customs. Whereas celebration is the backbone of all the festivals that acknowledged worldwide. It brings new hope and joy to the people that succour in building new relations. Universally there are known festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and show, folks gather and exotically participate from all corners of the sphere. After having glimpse of the few you couldn’t resist yourselves from getting soaked in the festivities, so don’t wait and lets move to any of these countries and enjoy the blast.

La Tomatina (Spain)

Held in the Valencian town of Bunol. It’s an hour jollification where approx 20,000 lucky people hurtle fruit to each other. It’s a pure “World’s biggest food fight” that held in last week of Aug.

People immersed in tomato juice during the Tomatina in 2005

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Rio De Janeiro Carnival (Brazil)

To smash down your humdrum you can adore the bustling streets of Brazil to admire the spellbind giant Samba and Sambodromo parades in the 5 days long overdose in the month of Feb.


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Pingxi Lantern Festival (Taiwan)

 imagine a surreal sky aflame with thousands of floating lanterns that would definite create a jaw dropping captivating spectacle in the sky in the month of Feb. these lanterns are embellished with images and best wishes.

02 FEB 2013 - ONE FC (Kuala Lumpur) : Return of Warriors

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St. Patrick’s day Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

 Ireland is not just known for its flower laden charming houses and meadows pasture but one of the fest that gets celebrated commemorating honorable Saint Patrick (as death anniversary). What would be an absolute delight when you drape yourself in green and be  a chunk of splendid global celebration  of Irish culture.


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Koninginnedag (Queen’s birthday) (Netherlands)

 It’s a national holiday on the occasion of Queen B’day in the month of April. A matter of treat in the way of floral parade and orange madness. What’s more required?


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White Nights Festival/Scarlet Sails (St.Petersburg, Russia)

 Every year in the end of June a variation includes classical ballet, spectacular fireworks, concerts, opera, music events, mock battles among pirates in boats and performances of Russia and International actors.


image source- skyscrapercity

Obon Festival (Japan, Aug)

 A Buddhist ceremony solemnize by releasing floating lanterns into water to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.


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Oktoberfest (Munich-Bavaria, Germany) (Sept)

 Ample of beer splashes, brewery carriages, 5.9 million guests, beer tents are few of the enthralling fragments of the World’s Biggest Fair. So enjoy and guzzle as much as you can.


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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (New Mexico-Early Oct.)

Capture the picturesque vistas of the sky congested with hundreds of vibrant fascinating hot air balloon when soothingly float to captivate you.


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Keene Pumpkin Festival (New Hampshire-Oct.)

 Also named as “Let it shine, Pumpkin Fest.”Creepy, haunted, illuminated carved pumpkins are the basic allurement of it.


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Snow and Ice Fest (Harbin, China) (Jan5-Feb5)

 Relish dog sledging, skiing, explore history of China and lost in the wonderland of carved palatial towers made from gigantic block of ice.


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Carnevale (Venice, Italy) (Feb14-Mar14)

 on the romantic honeymooners land, how can you deny to be the part of grand carnival that showcases melodramatic parade, gala dinners, events, arresting costumes and artistic masks.


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Though this is not the end of exhilarating journey of festivals, there are colossal others like Running of the Bulls (Pamplona, Spain); Wanderlust Yoga Fest. (Oahu, Hawaii); Up Helly Aa Fire Festival (Lerwick, Scotland) and many more where  anybody can float with flow. So pick up your feet and dazzle with the mesmerized experience at least once in your lifetime.


By Priyanka Singh

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